The Ministers

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Minister Andre Capers

Minister Andre Capers, was born in Brooklyn N.Y. The last of his parents the 7th sibling. After attending elementary school at Public School (PS.5 and 316), his parents decided to go back to South Carolina. As a former child of the city, his mother actively got him involved with the church and community.  He quickly admired his mother's community activism and began to participate. During his training as a young summer and Sunday school scholar he wanted to test his musical athletic ventures by joining The Ruffin High School Band and eventually played football until graduation. After graduation he returned to his roots in Brooklyn but, found he was in search for something more and decided to enlist in the United States Navy.
While serving during a Med cruise he picked up an old Wall Street Journal and decided he would become a stockbroker someday. Serving two enlistments Petty Officer Capers returned home with honors. This release found him back in New York doing various jobs enjoying including his work with the Administration For Children Services. In pursuit of his dreams he said this eventually led him to become a registered representative stockbroker. Compelled to banking he continue in financial services.

One day while looking out of the office window he asked God to allow him to go back to college, shortly afterwards he said he heard the voice of the Lord compelling him to the ministry.  Minister Capers quoted from the bible “Many are called but few are chosen.” Today Minister Capers is a graduate of Nassau Community College with his A.A in English and Creative Writing and a proud recipient of a Bachelor of Science in Business from St. John’s University.  He is currently studying Theology in seminary school.